About Oriental Dragon

We do not add msg in our food instead we use natural ingredients to enhance taste which costs us 14 times more than the price of msg.

We only use Rapeseed oil for our cooking. The benefits are as follows:

  • Contains the lowest saturated fat content of any oil – less than half that of Olive Oil.
  • Has 10 times more Omega 3 than Olive Oil.
  • It is a good source of Vitamin E.
  • High in monounsaturated fats.
  • Contains no artificial preservatives and is trans-fat and GM free.
  • It is suitable for a variety of diets – vegetarian, gluten-free, Kosher and Halal.
  • It is safe to cook at high temperatures with a burning point of 230c much higher than Olive Oil.
  • Rapeseed costs us almost 35% more than vegetable oil and needs changing more often than vegetable oil.

We also serve only large portions. Standard chinese takeaway serve in 500ml containers and currently we serve in a 650 ml container which 30% more food. We are also currently trialing out a 750ml container so we can eventually make the food 50% extra compared to our competitors.

We serve halal meat. As you will be aware halal meat costs us more.